Security Folks Need An Accountabilibuddy

Don’t mind my nomenclature, I am not trying to be a buzz-wordy trend setter. I am just an avid South Park fan and I couldn’t find a more appropriate name than “accountabilibuddy” . Urban Dictionary defines accountabilibuddy as,

The name for a buddy you love so much, that you hold yourself accountable for his well-being.”



That may be overreaching a bit, but here is the harsh reality… As a consultant, I have the opportunity to work in many different environments, work with a variety of tools and technology, and I have the pleasure of meeting many interesting people. More often than not, that is not the case for the security or IT professionals working at a small to medium-sized business and sometimes even in an enterprise. More often than not, security folks find themselves in a silo. A silo that may be built by none other than themselves or because of a workplace culture that still separates IT and security from the rest of the business. The job place can sometimes be a lonely one.

This scenario is debilitating for those of us that are looking to grow. Whether it be for personal reasons, because you just want to learn as much as possible, to meet other people that you can bounce questions off of every once in a while, just to meet someone else with similar interests, or even better – someone that can motivate you and hold you accountable and vise versa. You need an accountabilibuddy!

For years, I’ve struggled to meet people that share a common interest in security. Sure, I have attended conferences and participated in online discussions and I have met awesome people, but sometimes you need someone closer to home that you can call up once in a while and get together with.

I guess where I am going with all of this is this: Keeping to yourself is fine, but it limits your potential.

For me, I learned this by accident, but since I’ve found someone to hold me accountable (and vise versa) the both of us have grown tremendously (professionally and personally) in a short span of time. We’ve driven each other to pursue training, attend events, helped each other study, backed each other up in the work place on more than one occasion… the journey continues.

This is one of those warm and fuzzy personal conquest posts, but I felt I should share it.

Moral of the story – “Don’t go at it alone. Come (crawl if you have to) out of your shell. Hold each other accountable. Grow.”

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