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Equifax and the Precedent Set by the Media

With all of the coverage, it’s really not worth recapping the entire Equifax breach and how disastrous it is and likely will be for American adults for years to come.  Of course, this all depends on who reaped the reward and what their intentions are… There will be plenty of speculation in the weeks to follow and hopefully a glimmer of factual evidence will be included. What I do want to talk about is the picture painted by the media of Equifax’s security leadership, Susan Mauldin, whose qualification as Equifax’s Chief Information Security Officer is being scrutinized, because of Susan’s education. Let me preface this post with: I do not know Susan Mauldin I have never met Susan Mauldin I have absolutely no clue whether she is qualified or not… but neither do you. I typically do not feel compelled to write an opinionated post on such a topic, but in this case, I felt it to be necessary.  Why?  Because this is an industry that is thirsty for talent and after working in InfoSec for years, I have met many amazing (talented) people.  When I say, “amazing,” I mean – I would not be where I am today without…

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