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GoDaddy SEO Cloaking: Under The Condition of Donkey Porn

I can’t make this stuff up. I am leaving all of this cyber jabawaki behind me to pursue a career in Candadian pharma and internet pornography. Nahhh… but that does make for a great topic of discussion! Like this one. If you actually follow my blog (all three of you) you may have read a post that I wrote just a few days ago, PenTester Pro Tip: Validating The TOE, which what resulted in this masterpiece. Background Yet again, on a pentesting engagement I came across a questionable domain that was clearly unrelated to my target’s industry, so I took the time to inspect it a little further. Long story short, the domain did not belong to my client, because they in fact provided an invalid IP address range. No harm no foul. However, when I ran a simple Google search on the domain name it returned some gnarly results. Interesting… right? Maybe not to the uninitiated. I’ve seen this kind of thing before (– and No… I do not go searching the internet for donkey porn… except in this instance). It appeared to me that what was going on here was a case of SEO cloaking. It is fairly…

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